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The most current version of the UCDMO baseline can always be found on their website


UCDMO files

This section is intended to include the current and previous versions of the baseline pdf's

UCDMO Baseline 4.0

Current as of September 2011

    • Denotes new product or change from last

UCDMO Baseline List of Validated Solutions

Transfer Solutions

Assured File Transfer (AFT) v1.2

BAE Datagate

DataSync Guard (DSG) v2.1

Defense Information Infrastructure Defense Messaging System (DII DMS) v3.1.1

DII Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) v4.0

eXMeritus Hardware Wall (HWW) v2.9.2

Owl Computing Technologies One-Way Link OWL v4.0

Radiant Mercury (RM) v5.0, v5.01

Raytheon High Speed Guard (HSG) v3.0

SimShield v2.2.0.1

Trusted Manager II (TMAN-II) v3.0.6

Access Solutions

DoDIIS Trusted Workstation (DTW) v4.1 v4.1.1

Multi-Level Thin Client (MLTC) v4.0, v4.1 Access

NetTop v2.2.1

SecureOffice Trusted Thin Client (SOTTC) ver. 1.3.4

Secure Access Baseline for the EnterpRise (SABER) v4.2

Trusted Virtual Environment (TVE) 1.2

Multi-Level Solutions

MultiLevel Chat (ML Chat) 1.0

Oracle Cross Domain Security Express (CDSE) v4.2.1

Trusted Network Environment (TNE) v10

UCDMO List of “Sunset” Solutions

These products are set to retire and not recommended for deployment in new environments. For those with the solutions currently deployed, a road-map to a newer solution or product the due date for migration is Oct 2012. At one point we posted these, but due to the length and numerous changes we recommend viewing the formal list on the [UCDMO website http://www.ucdmo.gov].

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