EXMeritus Hardware Wall (HWW)

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Type Fully Owned Subsidiary of Boeing as of 2009
Founded ??
Founder(s) Tom Rooney
Headquarters Fairfax, Virginia, USA
Area served Worldwide
Key people Dewy Houck (Mission Systems GM)
Bryan Topscher (Program Manager)
Products HardwareWall
Employees ??
Website exmeritus.com

eXMeritus, a subsidiary of Boeing (NYSEBA) is a company in the cross-domain sector, and a major transfer solution vendor. Founded in 2003?, eXMeritus has its corporate headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia.





eXMeritus has designed HardwareWall as a secure data transfer system and an off-the-shelf Controlled Interface that meets and exceeds all mission and information assurance requirements for the world’s highest-level security directives. Our systems have been deployed and certified in PL-3, PL-4 and PL-5 environments and continue to operate and evolve to meet ever changing requirements and threats.

eXMeritus is known for their specialty devices and ability to run in low-power/high-stress operational environments.

Operating System

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 with SELinux NOTE: eXMeritus due to the portable nature as outlined in their datasheet can run on other POSIX/UNIX-ish OS dependent on the requirement.


  • Broad platform support in SELinux® , Solaris 10 Trusted Extensions®, Trusted Solaris®; and Irix®
  • Highly configurable and modular to allow interconnection of multiple classifications, programs, compartments and countries
  • Rapid deployment of a proven system
  • Easily integrated into existing systems and workflows
  • Cost competitive to fit within budgetary constraints
  • Allows local development of rule sets and integration of applications
  • Complete solutions incorporating content review, data labeling, MAC, RBAC, audit, etc. and high-speed one-way transfer (10Gb Ethernet)

Application Support

  • Files
    • High to low or low to high
    • Automated format and content review
    • Digital signatures
    • External utilities (e.g. virus scanning)
  • Streaming data
    • High to low or low to high
    • Automated format and content review
    • Signed records or messages


Current installation moving large files at over 85MB/s Multiple methods to achieve multi-Gigabyte per second throughput:

  • Scales by replication
  • Scales by CPUs and interfaces
  • Demonstrated ability to stripe across multiple Gigabit Ethernet fibers

Architecture Overview


GSA Rates

From the GSA Catalog as of May 2011.


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